Providing a grant service

Widowed In Need is a small charity created by a group of widowed people with the aim of supporting widows and widowers in financial distress.

We provide small grants to people eligible for expenses such as:

  • Funeral arrangements
  • Probate or legal costs
  • Basic living expenses
  • Memberships for support groups
  • Days out and trips away

​We would like to clarify that grants are available to all who have lost their partners - you do not have to have been married or in a civil partnership.

​Please see our How to Apply page if you wish to request financial support. If you are able to donate to our cause or help in another way, details may be found on the Support Us page.


We need people power to help us raise the much needed money to help those in need. Please consider fundraising. Inevitably becoming widowed is something most of us may facing. Help keep our charity running so we can continue to offer financial support to those left behind. Every day WIN receives emails from people suffering, you can help make a difference to someone who is in shock and desperate need of financial assistance.

Helping those widowed in the UK and in financial distress

Every year hundreds of couples, some with families, suffer the life changing and
traumatic experience of bereavement. Becoming widowed can happen to any of us. We provide
financial support to help relieve some of the stress faced by such a loss, at a
time when those left behind find themselves in a vulnerable and distressing

Widowed In Need is a UK based registered charity, We rely on donations to help those in need. We are a non profit organisation and all our staff work free of charge to make WIN work. All donations go straight to grants to help those left in poverty after losing a loved one.